About me

I’m an artist and illustrator. I work in

children’s illustration comics licensed art character design animación animation and the creation of editorial projects.

Children’s illustration . Comics . Licensed art . Character design . Animation . Editorial projects

My professional training developed by working on a freelance basis since I was 18 years old, as an assistant in licensed art (Estudio Duendes del Sur, DC Comics, Disney, Scholastic, etc.) while studying for my Professor of Plastic Arts degree in the University of La Plata.


The creative mind plays with the objects it loves.Being inexhaustible, life and nature are a constant stimulus for a creative mind.


Experience as author, illustrator, colorist and comic artist.

Several illustrations for

Billiken magazine (Argentina)

Several books for

Lexus editores

Publication of comics and magazines:

Magma, Pandemonium, Thalos editorial

I have significant experience in the advertising field, working with several advertising campaigns, as well as collaborator in several animation and publishing projects. Among the most prominent:

Friendship with Carlos Meglia

By chance I met Carlos Meglia, and a great friendship was born immediately. At the same time, he became my teacher and I collaborated with him in several projects, the most important being the tome Red Song, with Carlos Trillo.

With Meglia I learned and developed my current techniques and the work system we implemented in my studio.

Curses & Studio

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