Wally Gomez


I’m an artist and illustrator. I work in children’s illustration, comics, licensed art, character design, animation and the creation of editorial projects.

I amassed 20 years of experience working on animation projects, advertising, publishers and character design. I specialized in illustrated books and comics.

My clients are companies, publishing houses and agencies from Argentina, Uruguay, Peru, USA, Denmark, Slovenia, Puerto Rico, Spain, Mexico, Nicaragua, Italy, Sweden, Holland, among others.

My professional training developed by working on a freelance basis since I was 18 years old, as an assistant in licensed art (Estudio Duendes del Sur, DC Comics, Disney, Scholastic, etc.) while studying for my Professor of Plastic Arts degree in the University of La Plata.

By chance I met Carlos Meglia, and a great friendship was born immediately. At the same time, he became my teacher and I collaborated with him in several projects, the most important being the tome Red Song, with Carlos Trillo.

With Meglia I learned and developed my current techniques and the work system we implemented in my studio.

Since 2004, I’ve been directing Blason Studio, a studio that manages projects in need of big productions, integral approach, a tight deadline or a variety of styles.

Some of my clients or projects include companies such as Warner, Disney (Europe), Scholastic, SAF comics, ESPN, MTV, La Nacion, Paypal, Santillana, Aurea, etc. These are books and comics published through the studio or personally. In the meantime, I organize events in the University of Palermo, La Plata’s Book Fair, and Expo-Comic in Santiago de Chile. I also work in video games, advertising animation, and I am currently working on several books and projects for different publishing houses.

I consider myself an active creative type, I work individually or in a team with the same drive and dedication. I’m happy and I feel comfortable developing projects, stories, books and productions for animation and TV. I’m currently associated to several projects and collaborating as a freelance artist with the studio.

Some highlights among my works and clients are several publishing houses and producers in USA, Italy and the Americas, creating hundreds of books and comics, character design, cover art. I also work in animated projects.

“Working with the sight set on the horizon, always learning, putting my best in every project, with professionalism, but without losing the essentials in art, that are conveying, storytelling, reaching for the heart and enjoying the path leading there.”

I have an exclusivity contract with Olivia, Dimitri and Astor to perform in my new career as a cool dad.